"Troy is a “driving coach” in the same way traditional field sports have coaches. He emphasizes that drivers are athletes and should train as such. I have learned from him that I’m not going to win just because I'm fast. He coaches me with a trifecta of technical, mental and physical skillsets for my success on and off the race track. Troy really does know...”

Ricky Gutierrez


“I was a loser till I met Troy! LOL”“I entrust my racing career and my kids with Troy Adams Coaching. Very detailed! Does what others are not! And Motivating”

Brian Deegan

Andy Yu with Ryan Schartau

“Troy Adams was one of the first people to pint out my potential in karting. I hadn’t even won my first race yet but, Troy believed I could really go far. He helped in any way he could and always pointed my dad and I in the right direction. Troy’s help & advice was really an important stepping stone to where I am today.”

Andy Yu

5292 24th St, USA

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