From the time he was born...

Troy Adams has been racing toward greatness. After all, it’s in his blood. His family opened Adams Kart Track, now known as Adams Motorsports Park in 1960. It was the first African American owned racing facility in California and was one of the largest facilities of its kind in the western U.S. After obtaining his bachelor’s degree in Marketing, Troy decided to live in the fast lane and became a NASCAR driver. From 1995 to 2002, Troy was one of only a handful of African American drivers on the NASCAR circuit. During his tenure as a driver, he took on a leadership role by speaking to youth about career opportunities in the racing industry. In 2006, Troy acquired sole ownership of Adams Motorsports Park, Inc. AMP has developed into one of California’s fastest growing grassroots racing facilities in the United States. Troy has been instrumental in strengthening the AMP brand by creating new programs like Tuesday Night Time Attack and Thursday Night Drift which has attracted a completely new demographic. An interesting by-product of these programs is the popularity and demand for Troy’s services as an MC at car shows, large race events, and conventions. Troy is best known for his driver development skills and teaches professional drivers all over the world. His expertise and passion has allowed him to develop many upcoming racers throughout the motorsports industry. No matter what the future brings, Troy Adams will face it as he always does…pedal to the metal, throttle wide open and at full speed.



“I was a loser till I met Troy! LOL”

“I entrust my racing career and my kids with Troy Adams Coaching. Very detailed! Does what others are not! And Motivating”

- Brian Deegan

“Troy Adams was one of the first people to pint out my potential in karting. I hadn’t even won my first race yet but, Troy believed I could really go far. He helpedin any way he could and always pointedmy dad and I in the right direction. Troy’s help & advice was really an important stepping stone to where I am today.”

- Andy Yu

"Troy is a “driving coach” in the same way traditional field sports have coaches. He emphasizes that drivers are athletes and should train as such. I have learned from him that I’m not going to win just because I'm fast. He coaches me with a trifecta of technical, mental and physical skillsets for my success on and off the race track. Troy really does know...”

- Ricky Gutierrez

5292 24th St, USA

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