We train from 5 years of age beginners up to professionals! Our instructors will work closely with the drivers to teach them racing skills and to make them competitive on the track. We provide a structured and challenging environment to bring the best out of each of our drivers. Safety is always top of mind . With over three decades of professional racing instruction and experience, we offer only the finest results and a great learning experience for everyone involved. 

Beginner: Introduction to Racing Program (IRP)

Stage 1: This teaches students the difference between the gas and the brake pedal with an emphasis on braking while working on hand, eye, foot coordination. Students go through on track drills and learn the beginning stages of driver control.

Stage 2: This is where the first stage is mastered, students are then taught how to maneuver their kart under complete control. Our Racing Instructors pick up the pace and teach students the basic racing lines to sharpen their skills. The emphasis for this level is kart control and getting the most out of the racing line.

Stage 3: This is where it all comes together, karting control, racing line and threshold braking techniques. With the skills taught in the previous classes, our students advance to learn the art of passing and making it stick. The students are now prepared to race.

Intermediate: Competitive Racing Program (CRP)

Students are taught kart control during critical maneuvers. The emphasis of this course is placed on the use of the throttle, braking and chassis dynamics. Lessons will include learning racing lines and understanding early, middle and late apexing. Additional training will be on maximum braking techniques, understanding the limits of a race car in all conditions and drafting.

Advanced: Get on the Podium Racing (GPR)

An emphasis is placed on being an all around athlete, braking, driving line refinement, inside/outside line exercises, passing, qualifying, rolling race starts and possible interclass competition. Lesson includes passing to win, how to maximize passing lap traffic and understanding the importance of qualifying.



We provide off-road racing instruction and race support for beginners all the way up to elite drivers. Whether you are racing in back of the pack or up at the front we can improve your off-road racing skills. We use a 360 degree training module that concentrates on the athlete, sponsorship and brand development.



We specialize in training programs that concentrate on both the mental and physical aspect of driver development. We focus on short track drills to improve reaction time and off track drills that focus on the mindset it takes to be competitive during endurance based racing. Our off track exercises are designed to build the complete driver. Wherever you are in the line up we can improve your skill sets. We use a 360 degree training module that concentrates on the athlete, sponsorship and brand development.



We offer year around race instruction. When other racers are at home relaxing we are development your racing skills to make sure you start the season off right. Where you are racing legend cars, rallycross or anything else on four wheels we have the program for you.

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